Practically free marketing tactics your small business should start doing, like now.  Hey, sit back down, you haven’t read any of the tips yet.  These are the quickest, dirtiest, most dangerous and downright cheapest marketing tactics money can (or can’t, depending on how you look at it) buy.  You must read this unabridged version of the Internet (click here) to completely comprehend the tips I explain below.  It’s requisite.  Or you can know nothing about marketing at all and do just fine.  Read at your own risk.  Enjoy at your anxiousness.  But really, the concepts outlined here take little more than an investment of your own time. Can’t beat that.
  • Permission Marketing (E-mail): Ask each customer for his or her e-mail to build a list for an e-mail marketing campaign. Do not to sell the list to Nigerian spammers. Send a periodic newsletter with offers, coupons, news or helpful hints, but try to be more educational than anything. Newsletters could also just include a recycled blog post from the week. If you keep track of your customers with a simple database (Excel is excellent for this), detailing what services they utilize, frequency of use, what purchases they’ve made, or models they own, et cetera, then it’s possible to cater certain messages and offers to a specific segments of customers.
There are six more small business marketing tactics we are going to share in the series . This is just number one. Stay tuned.

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