Does this look like your marketing?
No, not the string theory from particle physics, I'm talking about the one from economics and how it relates to new age marketing. Here's the idea; if you place a piece of string on a table and attempt to push it across the table, from one end to the other, it gets bunched up and messy almost immediately. What do you think happens when you attempt to pull the string instead? Yeah, much more fluid and smooth process, right?  Pulling leaves a rather straight string, while pushing creates a snarled mess.  The quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line.  Why force that string to follow that path when you could practically invite it to do the same thing?

The same goes for Old, Traditional Marketing vs. New Marketing.  Traditional marketing being; TV commercials and radio and print advertisements and so on and so forth, that by and large interrupt and push a message out.  On one end of the string are people (consumers) and the other end is your business.  Traditionally, marketing was behind the people, pushing them to the business’ product/service.  In this mass marketing push, there is much noise and clutter to compete with in getting peoples’ attention; hence the jumbled string. Now, new marketing tactics are on the other end of the string, permitting clear channel of entry. When was the last time you got in your car and navigated to the nearest highway in search of billboards to shop, help make informed purchases, or otherwise?  You won’t do that, I’m sorry if you do, but you will navigate the information superhighway to do this.  Meaningful information is delivered to you because you ordered it, not a crapshoot of information and advertising that may or may not have any relevancy to you.

Search results and ads are displayed because they are highly relevant and appropriate to what you searched for.  Do you see how this is essentially pulling a string and not pushing the string?  All those links you click on, you’re willingly clicking.   You ordered them to be delivered to you, instantly. Even with the AdWords, those ads show up at your convenience.  That’s crazy!

New Marketing pulls, while Old Marketing pushes.  One is forceful and creates clutter, while the other performs the same process with an almost effortless ease.  Figure out who is looking for you (your business, products, services) and make it easy for them to find you.

10/16/2016 12:09:16 am

A poorly designed site or an over-designed site is an easy way to deter visitors. Whether the site is 'too funky' or 'not funky enough' or simply poorly designed really does help determine who stays on the site to learn more. Your website needs to be a happy marriage between a great design and a fantastic design. This includes the navigation!


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