Guerrilla Marketing: Offbeat tactics geared to generate buzz and are a lot of fun.  From walking around town, handing out free samples of your Italian restaurant’s meatballs, to leaving a sidewalk spray chalk trail leading to your business.  Sidewalk spray chalk; a washable spray paint, that when joined with a stencil, can deliver a message displayed in high-foot-traffic areas. Possible uses: roads, sidewalks, parking lots, side of buildings or even in sand and snow.  Some ideas for the message: arrows pointing to your business or leaving a trail, a memorable rhyme or simple marketing message advertising your biz.

Another example: do something a bit outrageous, but simple: watch some of the vid below: too many colons.  That is pretty cool.  An iphone is glued to the pavement!  Now that is definitely different and gets people to stop.  You could even make your own video, documenting your guerrilla marketing and develop a viral aspect and put it your Facebook, site, blog, YouTube.  This is particularly risky, considering someone could easily trip over the glued phone.  I would recommend a less risky alternative, like gluing the phone to a counter, wall or ceiling.  Just an example to get you thinking about some guerrilla tactics your business could try out.

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