Show up naturally in the top search results:  The natural results are the real results for a search, not the ads. It's free, but comes with several caveats, mostly being, it takes time, sometimes months, with a lot of work, for search engine optimization (SEO) to really start working.  It’s worth taking the time to build up a high ranking with natural search.  Google’s search algorithm works off relevance and authority, and basically explains how sites are ranked in results.  There’s a bunch of ways to get to the top of the search listings, most of it has to do with keyword rich headings and content that is consistently updated and fresh, shared, and has various links (inbound links) from other sites online. The more inbound links to various pages of your site and more keyword rich content equals higher search result rankings.  The other type of search is a branded, natural search; which is the search for a company name.  Ex: “Best Buy” is a branded search, while “Laptop computers” is unbranded. There shouldn’t be any issues with showing up in the top of the results with a branded search.  And if you are creating a lot of compelling content you’ll show up in the top of unbranded natural searches before you know it.

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